cent. ; total, 58.5 per cent. ; not doing well, 6, 8.5 per

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and in acute infectious osteomyelitis — i.e., a free incision, should be done

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important fact to grasp is, that in one and all, the

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Her history obtained on admission was as follows: For

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at the angles, consistence hard, color yellowish red. These calculi are hard and appear

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The pathological regenerations constitute a large group of adaptive

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which holds his familiar scalpel I would recognize the man. Ex pede

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children ; while in the final chapter he develops his

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epilepsy are prone to develop. Except in the bulbar

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navy yard, Portsmouth, N. H., and to additional duty

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group where the stenosis has undergone widening from laceration of the

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operation as representing a very low grade of resistance on

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et al., that Jeffries had "come back," — and like the

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thing, that either the lioas-Oppler bacillus or lactic

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him at last ; so that, on his arrival in the other world,

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over an hour, while giving at once, by direct inspection, the information

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obscure dermatological affections, and cerebrospinal

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The position of the incision is very serviceable in the after-treatment, as

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bleeding, 100.2° ; one hour after bleeding, 98.6°. Anaesthesia was dis-

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Ordered to proceed from Fort Douglas, Utah, to Fort

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ture soon reaches 39° or 40° C, or even higher, and continues high.

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remainder of the year the disease continued to pre-

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The Treatment of Infantile Diarrhoeas.— Dr. Lesage relies upon (1) an

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sion by the germ of all the tissues except the mus-

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Selection of Ca.^cs. — Tuberculin should as a rule

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or disease, the system has failed to supply itself with. It follows that

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June 22d, Dr. William J. Whittaker, aged sixty-nine year-.

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Protection — Girl. 4 seconds. "A girl sometimes needs