tion of the body. The hemispheres of the brain were per-
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is done to the medical profession through the abuse
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infectious purpura streptococci and pneumonia-cocci had been found as well
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hand over the property to the mortgagees if they choose to do so and if they cannot do
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vivisection in certain sections and by certain classes of
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physique and healthy color, came to me in the beginning of
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veins. Tr. Texas M. Ass.! Austin, 1896, 201-205. Also:
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because you are the woman's guide and ask why she was silent for so long
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of the native population we find mentioned the prevalence of
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•n •»!' «>ur w.»rk. but will simpl) quote
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occasion reached 106°; the hot stage lasted some hours, generally
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eldest son of his parents. His father was a farmer. As a child he
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as suits the individual case, should be performed. This class of cases is more
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Varieties. — Four variations of the disease are recognized : (i) The
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base of the septum as close to the base as possible for a distance
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preliminary hearing the Grand Jury passed over the vari-
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the defendants. The state, however, gained this advantage in these
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Dehydrate and mount. The fungus appears as a brilliant red aster, while
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Of the pathology of the several forms of pernicious, as compared with simple
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concerned, I cannot see that it adds a great deal to
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flagella. They stain by Gram. The spores are short and ellipsoidal,
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needs help with obtaining social security or some other
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management so as to secure its favourable completion, and we are
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unable to swaDow. We should instruct the parents to take the child up
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ing the appendix either actively diseased or showing, by its obliterated
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on the tiight before his arrival he had a perfect vision
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o± bacterial substance under the influence of copious water-drinking with
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proved in many instances that the air of the holds of
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Although all writers on pancreatic disease describe
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Poisoning," J. F. Jones ; to discuss, H. Hendrixson, E. A. Hamil-
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this instance labour pains came on within two hours after the first tent was in-
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members and the religious services held in the fourteenth floor Chapel,
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fantile or of adolescent rickets. There is a considerable
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Secretary: The Censors having recommended these gentle-
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anti-persistaltic view is stated and refuted. Dr. Brinton's own
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should be provided with a slate and pencil to communicate
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drugs and chemicals. Many failures in treatment and
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