but little. Locally, the favorite remedies are ice applied to the head, which
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(1) ^ '»^«nc«-type scale for detemlnlng weights of individual eggs.
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the hands and arms. At the same time the thumbs and half-flexed fingers
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2. The Intermediate examination is upon Anatomy, Materia Medica,
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a. Rinsing •£du1pP?ent After Use. Ifinediate'ly after equ1pn»nt has been emptied.
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occur with equal frequency in all localities. In Heidelberg (Erb, F. Schultze)
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examination for each candidate lasts fifteen minutes.
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3. Conference Courses in Gynecology. — Gross anatomy of the internal and external
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(11) What test Is not routinely re<^uested on fresh v.nole r.nlk
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student should pass in all these subjects at the same examination ; he
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and morally ; and even the f ostering*of suggestion for therapeutic purposes is
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patient's occupation in diverse ways, so that, for example, he is apt to let fine
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W fat ^a!I?"^*5.°'''^K"Ui,'i ^""^"^^ ^5 seldom gassed, since it has a very
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Acid detergents - use periodically to remove scale from hard water precipitates;
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medical study is concerned, only useful if they are read with a view to
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meningitis. In the other cases formerly classed under this heading, we have
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of his travels yesterday, then the day before yesterday, then last week, until
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urispas uses and side effects
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paralyzed. In some cases the paralysis may entirely disappear, but, as a rule,
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focal symptoms (hemiplegia or monoplegia, partial cortical epilepsy, aphasic
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varies. Thus, they almost always are aggravated if the patient becomes ex-
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;«*Ii?Tr*r**iI « s ^ ^ tl» palpebral reflex H still present,
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TetMooJcs Becammended. — Aiiatomy, senior — Qnain, Gtbj, Heatli,
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of mussels has been isolated, and it is called mytilotoxin. Moreover, many
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tbe most central point of the nerve trunk available, or on the vertebral column,
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Max M. Jacobson, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Ophthalmology.
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Stanley Brownstein, M.D., Clinical Associate in Medicine.
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is also frequent in hysteria, especially in traumatic hysteria.
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lesion here, for experience shows that choreic patients are apt to have func-
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or atrophy with a large interstitial development of fat). These differences
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credit in general pathology. Laboratory work in pathological technic, and the study and
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A diploma from a university is styled "a License," and its pos-
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and temporal arteries may disclose even during life.
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altitude, baths, electro-therapeutics, etc. If there is a suspicion of syphilis,
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be stored or hoi» lof^ they Rwy be- stored. In OfMr to wnterstand the effect i^lch t>'is
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Homer King Nicoll, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine.
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It is well worth .noting that the diet list must not be constructed merely
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Fourth Tear — Medical Wards — Winter — Medicine, Pathology, Mid*
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pupils have an opportunity of performing the minor surgical opera-
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disease — to a certain extent a newer, more scientific formulation of the old
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orovicw^KI^?.^^!/^!^ P*^^®"? infermtlofi In planned stops with
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£14 3s. 6d.; three months, £26 5s. There are no further fees for
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46 guineas; second winter, 46 guineas; or a single payment of 125
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fundamental clinical symptoms of " spastic paralysis " clue to this degenera-
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notice, in the severity of the more general symptoms (of typhoid fever or some