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it should be clearly understood that even with glycerin

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3. The Relation of Large-celled Indurative Hyperplasia of

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Bound Xllcer of the Stomach and Hysteria. Q. Bioi. —

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in the cares and anxieties incident to the struggle for exist-

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both sides of the b(jdy. These may api^ear on either the upper or

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six to eight months is the period for most curable patients. The symptoms,

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from each councilor district to further the work in the several dis-

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supplying a nervous diathesis. In treatment he regards with special

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street, Bedford-square; George Francis de la Cour, Chatham; Thomas

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Try thee and turn thee forth, sufficiently impressed.

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be discouraged from having surgical therapy, those who

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general affection of the large and medium-sized arteries,

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list I will give my collection to it alone? This kind of

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the size of a nutmeg, of a yellowish-white colour and

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fine linen, and no more dressing be renewed till it be whole ;

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viviality and jovial good company for the doctor, no matter

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state, in which she had been found at home shortly after

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occurrence of serial periosteal lesions along the outer sides of the

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them were thus enlar;,'ed so as to exliiliit an unmis-

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sions of Mayo's tirticle: 1. Colostomy is not now a rival of

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psychical change, the calls are unattended to, and the habits are conse-

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These include a variety of affections which arise from overuse in the

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appetite and obstinate constipation, which latter condi-

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it, and say 1 did not think that there was interstitial

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The eye muscles, the iris, and the optic nerve are the tracts

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tracted from a delicate subjecf, might be of very great importance,


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> Maxon vs, Perrott, 17 Mich., 33a. * Whitoomb vs. Reid, 31 Miss., 567.

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continue and be a feature of the case unless some gross neglect of bodily

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' Costantini, G., " II valore del metodo di Much per la coloragione dei bacilli tubercolari,"

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eighth day, when the stitches are removed. If stitch-hole