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faecal masses the hot coloclyster or enema of soap,

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by presentations, 90^^^ per cent, of children lost were in head presentations;

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stand the technicalities of medicine Greek was a sine qua non. " This,"

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once in i()0,833 deliveries at tlie Rotunda Hospital,

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this classical disease assumes in the light of modern research is iutelli-

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Tuberculosis Verrucosa Cutis. — Moynihan {British Medical Journal,

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tendency to sclerotic processes in arteries, liver, or

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bathed in the alum solution just as in ordinary wa-

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tests were made, there was a marked or definite tyj^hoid reaction at

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The Importance of Paediatrics. — The report on curri-

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permint, orange-flower, vanilla, or cherry-laurel water may be added for

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6. The results obtained by retro- and vagino-fixation and by Alexander's

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mic, or he is run down from overstudy, improper food, or some attack

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indirect division, and especially cells with atypical mitoses.

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ietiology of this disease. Certain points of differ-

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ing Co., or by registered mail, as the publishers are not responsible

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loric obstruction or hourglass stomach, their absence

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easily, and could hold conversation with the nurses and patients in the hos-

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treatment tretinoin basal cell carcinoma

benzoyl peroxide mixed with tretinoin

ment fixation in some nons\ philitic cases, while this

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When the proportion of silicon is under 25 per cent,

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are several other differences in the construction of

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and blot the edges and press lightlv with soft paper

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inability to realize ideals, or the loss of an ideal and

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cavity every precaution should be taken not to disturb the peritoneum be-

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her remarks; showed no confusion; reacted to hallucina-

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quarter per cent, silver nitrate solution are now in-

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(equals two atmospheres) to the square inch, passing through the filter-tubes

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Hallett, Harley J., Lieutenant, Medical Reserve Corps.

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volution hypertrophy, occurs only at the climacteric

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of bone, and tying. In this case, as in the other case, the subclavius

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lung ; 4, through the arrest of breathing in this lung

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of the heavily stolid, unintellectual negro are much

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would at least at some time correct and improve the

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of any particular value. In addition to the medica-

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for permanently mounting the specimens should be made with water which

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cations may accompany and be caused by its fracture.