bulged out, intercostal spaces were obliterated, and the flatness ex-
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precise basis than it ever yet rested upon, still I am
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began a year ago ; gave up work five weeks ago ; not sick abed ;
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days, but there was so much redness of the skin, swelling, and heat, that
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never found any difficulty in the performance of the
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of pupils who were irregular in attendance during the en-
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ditions must strike the most indifferent beholder. But the study of
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Norman, J. S., Kings Mountain, Univ. of Md., 1915 1915 1923
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been accumulating for half a century, as facts, without attempting to show — or
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8° Metz, 1841, 73-137, 2 tab.— Olobig. Ueber eine Epi-
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March 8: Weight, 6,600 gm. Preliminary diet of 300 gm. of meat and 300
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of Anatomy and its Influence on Surgery," at an evening meeting on
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to report on the result in these cases, he believed that they would
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If we may judge from the above report, the meeting did not
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small round cells, plasma cells, a few polymorphonuclear
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and firmly adherent to the extensive portions of the omentum and intes-
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study of disordered mental activity. The methods of
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I thought you might not fully understand, I commend all my
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sary to the conducting of his professional work. It
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It is claimed a cure can be effected by the faithful application of a
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which the branches of the umbilical vessels pass. There may be two lobes (placenta
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tension of the disease to the larynx and parts below was not
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operation can be performed with less difficulty by mak-
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mouthful of words spoken, I noticed, with no felt embar-
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liver, the morbid production of fibroid tissue in the interlobular spaces
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Dr. Ockford, from Committee on Sanitary Science or Preventive
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The importance of specialized teaching for our subjects is patent,
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to fall forwards, exaggeration of the tendon reflexes, ataxia of the
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