per cent, and as this is no greater than the tendency to return of the

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sults of not watching the parties to whom children are

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of the Medical Graduates' College and Polyclinic in

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setts General Hospital, annual report, 424; Massachusetts Medico-


which have resulted from improper treatment or neglect of

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doses as almost a specific for cutting short cases of typhus

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would be revealed by tumefaction of the tissues, the appearance of sloughs

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commonly called, water-hemlock or poison-hemlock, is a widely dis-

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services take the initiative to devise programs which

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the large intestine by performing an ileo-sigmoidostomy. In the

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a few instances — a somewhat remarkable fact in view of the density

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object on the end of a stick before one as one walked.

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lesion, or other of the causes which have been discussed.

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practically all evidences of leprosy disappeared. These facts, I think, show

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well, the style is almost always clear, and the English

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know enough of medical science, such a survey majr not

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independent nation. It is no part of my task to discuss at any

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matters I shall not bring forward at this time. My desire is merely

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mitral orifice, I believe all are now agreed ; it is upon the

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ment of general anasarca. She had not been previously sick, had had

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me to Eockville, a place which I knew not of ten or twelve days be-

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Secretary, F. W. PUTNAM, M. D., Binghamton, Broome County.

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N. C, which he attributed to malarial infection. His paper is rich in biblio-

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on the organism in general, might temporarily suspend this immunity.

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communicated to any residents in the hospital. It is impossible

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for immediate use by the U. S. Government is 2 cc If

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The best of the few detailed descriptions of the conduct of congress

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large factory, nearly all girls, were addicted to smok-

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gent and self-observant patients, where I have had an opportunity of

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throughout Connecticut. There, on the field of his usefulness and

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Lobstein observed the nerves forming the suprarenal plexus, much thicker and enlarged in

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tion or spray and then applying a solution of glu'ose or honey on

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opathic treatment is not carried out by homeopaths. In

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as this drug stimulates the vagus. At the same time if there be a regularly intermit-