of five and in only three cases did it not approach ten. The one
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health department ; Mrs. Ruth T. Devney, director of
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men in England, Germany, and France, invented and con-
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torially too widely spread to have been brought about simply by the
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three years alluded to above. We wish, however, to contrast
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nitrite be present in the medium, the further addition of nitrite
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in operation and experiment ; most of them were of a
of one of their own Professors, which were uttered a short time
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was elected to Congress, and the circumstances incident thereto
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place in it ; but if the blood be flowing during the formation of a thrombus,
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of six months from the sending of the letter, it shall be
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have been present at the examination after death." His
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cal Dentistry, Mr. Hockley ; Dental Anatomy and Physiology, Mr. l'n lea ;
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of the inferior laryngeal nerves, its imperfect closure being then effected by
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place, and power, with all the anxieties, cares, and wor-
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of salts of lead in the form of paint — seems more severe in the long run
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2), who indicated their family origin, have parents from
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borne in mind that, as a result of absorption, the thickest and most contracted
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disorder has been especially interesting to me, as I believe that I v,'as ear-
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cases, 6 times alone, and once with the 9th and 10th.
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prised to find the patient with marked fever, full pulse, and free perspiration ; his face
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of these cases to go unexplained. However, as facts now are
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and able to move and turn in bed without assistance. There was a
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be felt in the majority of women examined, but these
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that hair on the face in women does not appear till puberty or
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' The contrast between a growing industrial community like that of Lancashire and the
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excites the actions of the system." " Its efficacy as an antivenereal
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bladder. I was here impressed with the rapidity with which
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child had been born. Believing it to be still connected with her body, she had
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ease. It is, therefore, often n(^t easy t(; (htermine accurattly iIk- <hiniti'.'ii
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those present in a short but eloquent speech ; after which,
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the instrument playes, vizt., a turnor ; another the stands, or leggs, a pipe
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It has already been pointed oat that onoompUcated rheumatism, how-