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and two days ago the leg began to swell and became red ; the

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organized. Dr. Traill Green of Easton, Dr.^Horton of

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tised his profession for ten years, or been registered for that length of time in this country,

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Glasgow, the Universities, and the Colleges of Physicians and

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result even of toy-pistol and blank-cartridge fibrous stroma of the cranium,

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cases of ligation of the ^moral vein close below Poupart's ligament

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rate of twenty-five grammes per litre ; this was an excellent anticongestive and

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FIRST: It is pre-eminently a practical journal for practitioners.

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a sense of inadequacy in his business achievements. He felt that he

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while blood-corpuscles. The specimens submitted to micro-

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have shown, i^ernicious infection does not occur in these tyjjes of

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biochemical data required for the diagnosis of some organisms since the

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When first called to this case, the condition was one

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the inferior shaft (B) is engraved a scale of inches and quar-

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strychnia, and gave it as follows, until its physiological action became

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Cascarilla Bark. — Horses, 2 to 4 drams; cattle, 1 oz.;

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be several forms of this type of disease, due to different

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while those supplied by the superior laryngeal nerve and first cer-

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Dr. W. P. Alison has suggested that " the blood is then perhaps

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condition became steadily worse, with increased edema, insomnia, nausea and

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for June 4th-8th. It is announced that Mayor Grant, Mr.

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