quency. Murchison noted it in only 15 of 58 cases, and gives it as his
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to commit suicide rather than endure the pain longer, and with-
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the patient. On the next day, the lips were blanched,
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C. S. Gordon, M.D., of Portland, Me., has resigned the Pro-
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by a cyliudric epithelium, and Pick considers unquestion-
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sity of replacing the private by the public slaughter-
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diffuse redness may exist alone or in combination with other results
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this is the cause — and not the result — of the condition. He con-
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it is necessary to the creation of every grain of wheat and blade of grass
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treatment, no matter how judiciously advised and how
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hand over the property to the mortgagees if they choose to do so and if they cannot do
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every four to eight hours. The average duration of this treatment in
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there are circumscribed areas of darkness and mottling- which
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tainly shortens a tedious labour, and thus benefits the patient.
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Prepared and supported by the Wisconsin Regional Medical Program, Inc. as an informational service to physicians.
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kidneys or failure of the general health may occur in any of these
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There is sometimes muscular spasm, sometimes complete
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conduction is then correspondingly less intense and shorter. The fre-
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plastia). Resoc. Accad. mod. -chir. di Napoli, 1883, xxxvii,
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category of superfetation. Childbed is as a rule normal
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The Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland will hold a semi-
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Other bones besides the maxillary bones are probably liable to its
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tions assigned to the ultimate elements of the body as
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well, the discharge rapidly diminishes, and the dressing
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restore the mouth has Ix-en done. A further plastic operation to
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of great practical importance to be constantly alive to the fact
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VascularlRadiology Conference, Tuesdays, 5:00 p.m., UAMS Education Building, Room G/l 31 A&B
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hearts. The ventricle is left large, relaxed, and containing a
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Mr. William Buston of Wisconsin, a bachelor of forty-five, had
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ment into distressing and often fatal disorders will be prevented