more liable to derange the economy of the non-parturient fe-

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From the Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, and the Northern

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especially during the years of the war. The great influx of

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In artificial respiration care should be taken not to put your patient

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the nitrate of silver has been discontinued for weeks, and

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and this tells rapidly on the digestive functions of those who

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may be taken for rheumatism. It may be distinguished by its inten-

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results from chiasmatic compression. This signature sign

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these were not the Russian cattle, they must have been animals

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lated to amuse if not to instruct the country practitioner/'

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Symptoms. — (a) Tubercular Leprosy. — The period of incubation

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lago farfara L. (the only species in the genus Tussilago of the

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Lewis, Richard H., Raleigh (Hon.), Univ. of Md., 1877 1877 1877

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cies of the source of light, from a fraction of an hour to 4,

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Table 1 — Five-year end results for carcinoma of skin: consecutive series 1936-1966

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lesions under three headings: (i) the exudative, (2) the pro-

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Purulent Ophthalmia. (Discussion at Paris Surgical Society. Bul-

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entirely distinct varieties of bacteria and that they act in symbi-

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ed by escharotics, it cannot be fairly brought as an argument

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