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tion from person to person. The outcome of this study in no way influences the

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twins may arise from the fertilization of one ovum and of two

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production of pathology in the right side of the abdomen. The paper

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then to be well washed with soap and warm water. This effectually

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by a general infection. So in the case of the lungs.

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(a) The superior type comprises the paralysis of the deltoid, of the

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sibility to pain ; but some of the early experiments with this

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will be followed by similar changes in the intra-cranial • arteries. Mil-

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up to the penetration." This last conclusion is urged by Greig Smith

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uterine symptoms. On examination we found in the vagina a

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sity. At first the temperature tables indicate the prevalence of milk

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a periodic or continuous secretion of the gastric juice in-

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in the latter stages, we should rely upon rectal feeding for a few days.

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The Treatment of Dysentery. — Gruet {Bull. gen. de

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in the middle propositions, which, in every particular

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which every honest, fair-minded member of our profession

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as Mutliu"' puts it, "to discriminate and shape his

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knife, which, by the way, is a somewhat important, though often

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purpose to do so. In affording our readers the assurance of

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present to permit of further salivary digestion, and in

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patients desired to conceal their breath from the observation of the

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produced by something l)eing set in vibration, and in turn making the

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indirectly concerned in the digestion and assimilation of our food.

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fleet was engaged during it in no hostile operations, either in the Black or Baltic

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firm like a bit of frozen skin, and it may be impossible to pick up a fold. This