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cent; large mononuclears, 5 per cent; eosinophiles, 1 per cent;

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to inoculate a worthless animal, or some small, susceptible

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says: "The facts are patent and startling; and any-

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Eight o'clock p. V. — Respiration rapid and panting, about 60 per minute; pulse full andrapR

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coronary, the arteries of the extremities, and, lastly, the arteries dis-

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etc. About one half of the hospitals and dispensaries in

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thirty years, the hearing at once rose from six inches be-

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broths. Only when the strength is much improved should even the most

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the seat of the hemorrhage one may find eroded vessels, and sometimes

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system of medicine down to the beginning of the 18th

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against cold; of frequent dressings against infrequent, and of no

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bronchitis. Wore a plaster on his left side, ))rescribed

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a high altitude, marked differences in ability to withstand it-s effects

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p. 200). • G. B. Wood, Practice of Medicine, 4th ed., vol. i. p. 444.

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20 to 30 grain doses, with plenty of water. It is also

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fied physicians who are involved in the physio- back and relaxation therapy apparatus,

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Of 36 cases of gun-shot fracture of the head of the humerus, selected

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of the bacteriologist, strepto-mycosis. It is in this class of cases only

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this there is as satisfactor}' evidence as we have of most points

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It is all right and wise and proper for the attending physician to give

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of eosinophiles in normal numbers; at times a marked hypereosino-

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heart beat as a transitional stage towards ventricular fibrillation, and

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Iron, Citrate of Iron and Magnesia, Sulphate of Iron and Alumina, Tannate of

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ankylostoma ova should be carefully disix>sed of, and efforts at prevention of

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Save me from all sordid motives ; and endow me with a spirit of pity and

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he fears walking into a child, in which case he fixes his

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in the young. In such cases the adherent pericardium exerts a counter-

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that it might have been caused by the man who first ill-treated the deceased ;


hrane should be incised on a grooved director, especially if there is

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of the case, the prospect is bad. Partial improvement may occur,

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after the vital spark of the “Doctor” goes out,

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resistant to the action of the malarial germ than new arrivals who