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three papers which Dr. Bigelow has given the profes-
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mal ingredient in the blood produced simultaneously irrit i-
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Tuberculous cows should always be isolated, not housed; and it is wiser
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Dr. MooRHOusE — I think we ought to continue this report now and finish it.
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thinks that there is no theoretical ground ojjposing the
many manuscript notes found among his piipers. About 184"
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remarks by A. R. J. Douglas ; Description of 2 Cases of Sarcoma
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Its action produces thorough revivication, without bruising, and is
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too large doses. CafTein in uremia makes an excellent heart
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from a diarrhoea, which occasionedner considerable alarm,
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as well as into the outer gum. There was scarcely any pain
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since the IGth December, 1850. Previous to his committal to Knutsford Gaol,
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word " Ague," as including them all. Another name sometimes used is that
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low, and two inches to the left; pulse 93, rising to 111
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necessity of early interference, and when the natural pains gave
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as much as another extract — the extract of a bean
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nina. i;it'orui;i nu-d., Napoli, 1898, xiv, pt. 3, 62-65.
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organisms there?" It will not. If you inject gentian violet into
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