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duction of blood corpuscles. In tubercle there are no
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of general infective processes in human beings. They agree in many
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tion in vesicular emphysema, these sacs are freely movable, and the air may
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tion, and the latter incurable. All this was the result of the localized
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anaemia, which is most often noted in the relapse cases.
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between simple and malignant endocarditis may hang in the balance
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Moses J. Bushenvllle, of Bowbells, N. D., June 20, aged 35. He was
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influenza. But, in my opinion, two drugs only, calomel and quinine,
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that a neck has been dislocated and sudden death produced
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patient improved steadily; pulse and temperature had become normal, and intelligence
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ing of the mitral orifice — ^general heart symptoms and blowing murmur
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has a visiting medical oflicer only." (Report of Departmental C ommittee
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infectious when it bites. Brumpt notes that infection may occur from inoculation