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§ "Oestreich. Jahrb. fur Padiatrik, " 1870, I., p. 61.
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must not be used, as it would shrink the part to be grasped
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smaller amount of starter (0.5 per cent, or sometimes less) acting
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68. Military Medicine. — A course in medicine, hygiene, sanitation, administration,
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tions had a hissing sound, the air seeming to be forced out with an effort,
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and frequently repeated doses, so that the blood may always contain
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toms, and is most contagious during the early stage. It may be trans-
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never adopts this practice, because he believes, it to be quite useless, and very
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dental profession, until very recent times, is that they have
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end to end is 168 feet; the outside breadth, 26 feet; the
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doe, M.R.C.S., belongs to the " one idea " school. It
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are all eliminated by a proper technic. The next swabbed with a piece of lint moisten-
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either leg. He has the sensation of pricking with pins and needles in the feet, but
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ning of pregnancy. In such cases the casts in the urine
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rather than a disease. There is of course nothing original in such
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is believed to prevent to some extent the migration of the white
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preserving uniformity of result, I gather the follow-
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Cysticercus celluloscc is the name given to the infestation of
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School of Medicine, corresponding Member of the Zoological Society,
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5th of July, he called my attention, for the first time, to the fact that for
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especially the C. Tii'osa, equally pernicious. These species to-
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with slight intermittent rises, require no special treatment. WTioever
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as a complete emulgence of the hepatic ducts, is a desideratum.
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chitis, emphysema, asthma, etc., generally positively refuse to