as the contractile energy of the heart increases. Spar-

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operator to insert the middle tooth into the_ supra-

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MoND.\Y, November 2Sth. — Medical Society of the County

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conversion of glycogen and the establishment of hyperglycemia,

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If, however, there is present a mixed infection bac-

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of the already partially obliterated opening into the

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respiratory gasp followed at inter-\-als of about from forty-

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Vermont State Medical Society. — The ninety-seventh

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ter the operation, he is in robust health. This case is in-

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son in very deep an.-esthesia ; that is, his jaws had to be

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money for the treatment of tuberculosis also has more than

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admission. The patient had a slight cough and his tem-

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sales. The stamps are to be designated as "Red Cross

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striking instance, I feel constrained to remark, par-

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creamy and white. Growth on agar in forty-eight hours

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logical point of view, that the object of cutaneous

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poisons as those of mineral or organic origin can be

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pal alkaloids, all of which have properties of a de-

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erately affected, the eyelids were not involved. In the

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zens ; but now we know that the average life of the

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8. With regard to the employment of mechanical devices

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ingredient alcohol, if no other pernicious agent, has

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( Still I regard it as part of my duty to note in pass-

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internally; inunctions, potassium iodide. 0.4 gramme "606"

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from and the highest point within thirty miles of New York City

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year, forty injections enesol, chromium sulphate. 0.5

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vention of the Toxic Action of Various Agencies Through

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treatment. Present condition began four years ago. Swayed

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and their immunity from restriction must be attrib-

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ity ; the proceedings of a commission to investigate pell-

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stantly killed by the operator blowing his breath through

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phthisiophobia implied was to run from an idea, but

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sized diagram of which Fig. 3 is a reduced copy was