tain that the latter owed its existence to some other cause.

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clear gain to patients thus affected. Then besides the mode-

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by the employment of medicines selected in this nianner, the

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or his family, ho would do as well to call in a mad dog as INIr Bell.

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central portion of connective tissue and a peripheral

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of temperature. If, however, there should be any, the

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to cure. A repetition in some cases might be necessary.

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individual- in our pedigree of those nonresistant to intestinal symptoms.

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The strong indisposition of the pig to pus infection serves to

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tida and turpentine may be used. The head should be shaved if pos-

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time, the phenomena of Tetanus in the human being should be illustrated bj well

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means of completing the diagnosis was that of making a small incision — a prac-

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explanation is, that gonorrheal pyosalpinx, as well as certain other

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Med. Obozr., Mosk., 1896, xlv, 324-328. — Hoy f (P. C.)

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lesions not of the periphery only, but also of the central nervous

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The first thirty-eight pages are devoted to electro-physics, and contain an

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son, if the same can be determined, or to the organ or part

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really a disease sai generis, therefore I think it quite appropriate to take up

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both, still lower, being about seventy-six per cent, oi

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Richardson's-" that had melena and became sallow and weak before

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oeps. While, after the twenty-eight flap-extractions,

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sufficient. The mass of newly formed tissue, which inter-

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the various laboratory media and found to correspond with the origi-

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and the service to patients was slowed down in consequence. It will

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section. After dressings were applied the hand was put up in

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jalap and cream of tartar were given, producing fre-

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has treated the subject of asphyxia neonatorum with

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Opinions as to the nature of the tumour and the treatment to be

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ment can be seen at any moment : and for its character