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colored pigment is encountered in numerous processes associated

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and that consequently there was a direct stimulation to the processes

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this, recovery can often be secured without suppuration with-

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subject, because he was a most valued pupil | in corroboration of the view, that these two

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published Ijy Avinash Chandra Kaviratua. Calcutta: D. C.

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not stronger than one per cent. It goes without saying,

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belonging to the aromatic series. Ferrati made some experiments

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tablets. The sodium nucleate injections were most painful and did not increase

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Baby Directory and Liectures to Mothers. — The oflficers

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infective fevers, especially scarlet fever, diphtheria, etc.,

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the motion of his flanks, without hearing him cough ; but I

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the bones, which, Louis says, appear as if the animal had been

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last been granted by the Minnesota Board of Health.

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due to postoperative vomiting following adenoidectomy.

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resorted to. The results, however, are not very encouraging.

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part of the delay in passage to the ventricle must occur within the

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a spot is selected for the injection of the antesthetic solution. At

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The Radius. The radius may be dislocated posteriorly

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dollars. We agree with Dr. Oille's contention that some further

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tracts. The ready miscibility of these acetous extracts with water

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289-292.— Tiirnbull (T.), i'r. Typhoid fever in Allegheny

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ing 24 hours at body temperature in over 100 times the concentration

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diseases to which children are liable by simple, oft-repeated observa-

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in the policy. The association shall cancel the policy

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addition to purgative medicine and a light diet. If inflamma-

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treatment has been employed. The superiority of a method is shown by a

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Vegetable Parasites and the Diseases caused by their Growth

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ment which in English is called rennin, formerly rennet. Ham-

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matic 8. Screens, two— picric acid and acid green.