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Delegates, conveying thanks from the medical students
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higher degree of certainty than it had before. Thus the cases
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tain calomel, colocynth, jalap, and gamboge. Each pill contains 60
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chronic nephritis certain areas only of the kidney are affected, it will be
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the stools of the sick; hence linen and bedding soiled by cholera patients, and
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The sudden rupture of hydatid tumours, with the escape of their contents
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drogen is that known as ozone ether — being a compound of absolute ether and
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adoption of early operation and more general substitution of myo-
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transportation to the nearest hospital or care center is ar-
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stances that interfere to prevent such restoration are, the length of
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that pretends to record professional sentiment or that attempts to
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to nurserymaids and their charges, to say nothing of charity
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lous diathesis. Several large ulcers and discharging
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plying glasses to those too poor to pay for them has been more
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pain extended to the scorbiculus cordis and umbilical region, and
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well as the weapon, could not have escaped being marked with blood ' It
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digestion, eat less. For nervousness, exercise in the
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(Felis catus, F. eoncolor, F. tigris). Lewis found it in the
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fever, except in those cases where dysentery existed before the attack. The
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appointments are for six months, and those holding them
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Here parenthetically may I interject a word and a warning to
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controlling centre with the parts involved in heat elimination.
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the loop. Cotton twisted on a curved probe, with the
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by the physician or a capable assistant ; thus nearly all cases of
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most apt to give rise to it, but it has been produced by the use of mercury as