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and spleen showed large numbers of P. vivax. The kidneys and

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(see p. 577) or at GO'' C. is inoculated in the evening with a rich

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probable that other such cases have occurred and will continue to

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In the event of the failure of heart or lungs to per-

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cranial disease, especially of tubercular meningitis. A

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iipon every spot where the soft parts yield easily to the pressure of

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be entitled to receive a certificate, authorizing the holder to

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complications, and patients did well with all sorts of

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Ten years ago, when I first began to pay particular

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nipples. The eyelids have been involved. The cases in which local

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vical spine. After a time these cases merge into the complex form

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notice during tlie past twenty-five years. This comprises

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digested for six days in a warm place, and then expressed and filtered. —

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You mention that the " Dublin Medical Press and Circular

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icides are poisons, and can be used to much better advantage

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the pyrexia. The general are often out of proportion to the local symptoms,

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entire diastolic period, and followed by a bruit of regurgi-

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individual forms of dyspnea have been explained in the preceding sections as though

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but examinationa extending over seventl days show that, lai^ as is ttt

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to vary from three to fourteen days, while Marchiafava and Bignami

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sending them desires to bring to our notice should be marked. Mem-

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yielded to a petition presented by the convict's father,

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may reveal a total displacement or only a lowered or

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amine his teachers through other men's minds. To cap the

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tablets. The sodium nucleate injections were most painful and did not increase

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tion of trional and sulfonal with chloralamid. Sometimes

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five or six of the players fell on him. When he was ex-