often referred to the lower dorsal vertebrae, and described as "gnawing"
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their serrioes beyond board and lodging. A large portion of those thns admitted
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and enlarged. Chills may occur at the onset of the inflammation, or
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Peyer's patches prominent. Ulcers may form at points along the intestine.
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applied, and is every way more agreeable than any of the .substances wiiich
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lymphatics of the posterior triangles of the neck, whereas cervical
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sents no peculiarities. This period of incubation varies from a few days to
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been previously rendered thoroughly aseptic. The part is then pro-
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chymatous forms of renal disease, and Conheim's explanation appears the
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and, above all, laryngeal implication ; when diphtheria extends into the
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excite adjacent pneumonic inflammation, which in some instances may be
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about the wound. The wound and member should be kept soaked in
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Retention Cysts. — A retention cyst is generally due to the secretions
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They are caused by slight external violence and muscular action.
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vantage by relieving the intestinal congestion. But when profuse, or even
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that their use be not continued until the sjiecific effect of the drug is
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six hours after its appearance upon that part ; first, it begins to fade from