to register the results of orthodiagraphic examinations ; also that
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Clinical Diagnosis. — Appendicitis with acute spreading peritonitis.
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aortic stenosis. Anything which tends to abolish the percussion element
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been hitherto a difficult problem to obstruct the ves-
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there is, in manj^ cases, respiratoiy distress associated with air hunger and
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means of a fine trocar and canula. Air escaped with a pro-
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Near 50th Street Subway and 53rd Street Elevated, and accessible to all surface lines
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tics will ever show. Home treatment of acute melancholia with
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diseases of the various systems are presented in the
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• on . roll nriv. ; by Mr. James Douglas, In Medical Gazette, February 25,
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paiiatio OSS. frontal.; sanatiu. Liec. viestiiik. u Za-
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plate to H, Figs. 2 and 3, where it is broadened out into
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astonished at this sudden relief that I was careful to see how
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The regular quarterly meeting of the Society was held at
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gent and self-observant patients, where I have had an opportunity of
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mented skin without such preparation, as is constantly done
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four fingers. The left ventricle wall averaged one-
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clinical features and in the microscopic character of its fungus. It