the animals moved out of the path of the pencil of /3 rays.

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criticism to make of this useful little book, it is that we

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the face, especially about the margins of the orbit, the malar region, or

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anaemia present. In all but one there was a slight leucocytosis. The

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in France, and employed experienced cheesemakers from that country

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Prepared and supported by the Wisconsin Regional Medical Program, Inc. as an informational service to physicians.

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the attack occurring in persons often of fair general health and nutrition.

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relation of micro-organisms to this disease. He wished,

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ramify i)i the m,anner of blood-vessels, but still preserving

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moved the entire rectum in two cases, but in both cases

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mended as late as the last century under the name of " stitch-

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culty in swallowing. Respiration more regular. 5 p.m. — Is about as in a.m.

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have to pass, then, at once to a consideration of the effects produced by

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From the title of the paper it will be obvious that

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Also, Family Medicines, of all kinds, put up in packages, with directions for fam-

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petechiae. A major distinction is from recurrent candidal

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paper I shall describe but one of many that has this differen-

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Luxation of Humerus. — Dr. Smith gives the following as a

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pessary impracticable. Frequent attacks of cystitis added much

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Graham 7 illustrates the cystic artery ligated close to

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Morphology and Cultural Properties. — Slender, sometimes slightly

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It would almost appear from this a imperative" statement

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Abscesses or blood extravasations rarely develop in

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proceeds into the third week accompanied by diarrhoea, sweating, pulmonary

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" Viewing the disease as a whole," he observes. " in which are included all its

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Dr. Spitzka remarked that atrophied cells could scarcely be

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tration; false membrane, containing the Klebs-Loffler bacillus,

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positively of the nature of his illness, especially in the second or third week ;

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only one-third the normal amount of each sulfonamide.

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continued until nearly all the tubes had lost their epithelial cells ; and, then,

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the pancreas, with beginning sequestration of the pancreas.

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Jahre 1878-83 (incl.). Deutsrhes Arch. f. kliu. Med., Leipz.,

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