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ing. Although the viscus may be greatly dilated and hypertrophied,
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Obstetrics. The latter are properly departments of medicine in the com-
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Pavia. V. 15, 1898. 8°. [Coutiuuatiou of : Rendic. d. Coug.
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witnessed it a marvellous and incredible contrast with the old mode of healing by
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rubbing with a linen towel. The temperature of this bath
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less there is close appro.ximation of the fragments.
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bringing before the notice of the profession a method devised by
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in this country, and when taken in connection with The American Journal at NINE
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cough, coryza, and conjunctivitis are sufficient to make a tentative
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advices these courses are now in active operation, and
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deposits, on standing, a small quantity of white sediment, which, on examination by
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Axminster Union. — Mr. P. C. Hayman has resigned the Kilmington Dis-
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prevent normal nutrition. Be this as it may, clinical
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Mount Sinai Hospital will soon have a new and conmio-
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2 weeks. The heart's action was very feeble. The urine con-
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and the general terms. It says, too, that many of the cases
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This method is suited only to cases of bilateral paralysis of the adductors.
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ises will be a great boon both to students and patients.
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was rife in the district, moreover, and 15 miles away, at an elevation
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and there mentioned; in the first column, "scarlet fever," the symp-
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will in the majority of cases be willingly continued. Diminu-
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veals nothing characteristic. Komberg says, that putrescence is very
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Venezia, 1893, xix, 317-323. — IVieto (C. S.) Heiida de la
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serum unavoidably flowing into the peritoneum, some extensive
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excluded by the pathological examination. There is no sign of tuber-
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fact that such a complete atrophy can be produced experimentally, as a
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keratitis, and, lastly, cong^ital stationary night-blindness — a most
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lierent, but the most marked improvement is seen in cases
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fully cured by division of the supra-orbital nerve.
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sop that springeth out of the wall:" who " spake also of beasts, and of fowl, and of
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