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liquid hydriodic acid, it may be obtained in tolerably large crystals, which

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In the furtherance of this thought I offered some sugges-

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Ten years ago, when I first began to pay particular

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tion of its peculiar physical, nervous or electrical force into heat. Depressions and elevations

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this involve great damage to both kidneys. The discharge of the pus into

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and there are periods when the bile passes freely, as

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symptoms. The spleen is usually somewhat enlarged, and may extend

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nerve to become diseased. The case of a boy, active and healthy, in the

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Symptoms. — The affected spot is at first red ; it

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tended that this should form a justification of American Slavery; but the

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mastication, and contraction of left pupil. The temperature was 102°

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enthusiasm. If it seems desirable to add the third factor, allevia-

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Treatment. — In the present epidemic I have never practised nor advised

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7. Kastle: The Oxidases, Hygienic Lab. Bull. No. 59, p. 140.

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as has been said, is to make an accurate diagnosis. All

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falls below 1 per cent., not all the bacilli are killed. Contact for

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In its published form it is interesting reading, and may assist

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9. Although a high temperature indicates a more severe attack,