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pneumonia. Most physicians have seen cases of acute pleurisy, the

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There have, certainly, not only been careless, but inhuman, oversights

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and conolndes that they are of albuminoid nature ; as they were found not to be digested

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In organic nervous diseases they are not to be recommended, unless it

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ble the Klebs-Loffler organism, but yet are not entitled to this name.

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solar rays are capable of destroying or rather of decolorising solutions

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To a teaspoonful of this solution add a wine glass of warm water ; of

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the mortality in the Glasgow Fever Hospital was 17-29 per cent. The

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soou becomes less virulent. This loss of virulence is called attenuation,

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eration of the cells of mucous membrane ; and in tuberculosis, again, in

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their opinion that cholera is caused by one specific organism only, the

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calculated to revive, if its phenomena cannot be referred to natural laws,