it is only possible to palliate the symptoms by attending to the hygiene of

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tion, placed a free bed at his disposal during life, and subsequently re-

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sometimes draw blood immoderately. Scarification, or rather cupping, is

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investigation of the signs and symptoms will show that they do not corre-

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and then only those branches which are in communication with those

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old was inoculated intravenously. Death ensued in seventeen days. The lungs

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of spores in six or more longitudinal series. Little or no attention was paid

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anaemia. A curious " clicking " sound, audible often to the observer as well

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bronchial tree. The larynx rarely shows primary infection ; this being

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medicine, and should .not be entered upon without a deep sense o

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In Wales, Tenby, Aberystwith, and Barmouth are the best known

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into all the arguments adduced, but the following are some of the difficulties

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constituent elements of the toxin one from another, i.e. to the formation of

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best, the most energetic, and the most sure of repulsives, when used in

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Most of these statements are given on the authority of Coley's papers,

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Antitoxin Treatment. — An anti-typhoid serum has been used, but is not

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supply at once, which, however, is extremely difficult to accomplish unless

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and consistence with the normal gland. An adenoma forms a firm rounded

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judicious use, by the natives, of mercury, in their treatment of them.