also the anterior and loAver borders, reaching even to the umbilicus and
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the preceding mainly in its usual association with acute alcoholism in
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perforation through the sternum. The abdominal vessels, nerves and
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etiology. — Frequently occurring attacks of acute rhinitis may pro-
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not always possible to eliminate rheumatism, but the non-rheumatic cha-
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Differential Diagnosis. Cabot. $5.50. W. B. Saunders Co.
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The American Pocket Medical Dictionary. Containing the Pro-
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paroxysms may occur with considerable regularity. Attacks are more
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caused by the excessive use of mercury ; it is rarely seen as a result of
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Heat-exhaustion [prostratio thermica) is caused under similar condi-
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three or four times daily, has been generally employed for the purpose.
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very attractive, and should not fail to be popular, as it fully deserves
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tion of the pyramidal fibers may subsequently act on other fiber-systems.
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braces can be made to prevent serious deformity, and to insure
atypical neuroleptic malignant syndrome associated with olanzapine
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roses of other types. Such conditions as anemia, exhaustion from re-
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structure of the urethra, enlarged prostate stone in bladder or
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development imperceptible, and for many months the earlier symptoms
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teaspoonful doses in milk, is extremely useful ; the elixir of cinchona,
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2. A bill asking for a State Examining Board, outside of the State
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ever, in consequence of the absence of angina, of the typical tongue, the
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spasm may lead to complete atresia of the cardia, and is a distressing
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Diagnosis. — The absence of a marked quantity of albumin, of the
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treated by the application of the ice-bath (ice floating in a tub of water),
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ous casts should be made. If the Klebs-Lofiler bacilli are then found,
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the cord, and end in relation with cells of the anterior horn of the oppo-
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myelitis rests upon more certain ground. Acute syphilitic myelitis
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if the processes that constitute the causal factors are not steadily pro-
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independently of the latter. Preuschen has collected the reports
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coagulating the blood as it comes in contact Avith these foreign bodies.
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"It is not my desire to minimize medical education, but rather to
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should be begun early and persisted in throughout the course of the
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monly in Russia, Switzerland, Holland, and the German Baltic prov-
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Palpation. — The limitt^d movement of the chest is readily appreci-
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the sthenic and asthenic forms of the aff"ection. The character and
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of saprophytic infection. Devilled crabs, lobsters, and salad have also
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necessarily be directed toward the removal of the cause when possible.
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disease is transmitted at the time of procreation, either by the sperm
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able results from abdominal section would not obtain if it were per-
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(1) Catarrhal. — Like other mucosse, the vesical epithelium is very re-
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consequence of the increased tension to which they are constantly sub-
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five per cent, of the cases, and goes to full term without mis-
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the most important is digitalis, and this may be tried in any case in which
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Functional abuminuria is of favorable import, as a rule. The febrile,
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